404 9-Ball Tour

Ramos Closes Out 2012

Mike Patrowicz
Mike Patrowicz

On the last weekend of the year, BigWigs Billiards hosted the 404 9-Ball Tour. The room was filled with players dressed in their new sweaters and socks that Santa brought them just a few days before. Keeping with the Christmas spirit, the room owner allowed an overflow of 68 players, which meant for a late night of play on Saturday. Typically this tournament only has a 64 player maximum.
On the top half of the chart, Mike Patrowicz moved through his bracket with wins over Malcolm MacTaggart (9-4), Ron Bradshaw (9-6), Ben Heywood (9-5), Rodel Puruganan (9-2) and K.C. Nguyen (9-1). Isaac Ramos was tearing up the lower half of the chart with wins over Vince Belanger (7-1), Brittany Bryant (7-4), Jesse Piercey (7-6) and Bernie Fulford (7-5). Issac then faced tournament favourite John Morra in a handicapped race of 11-6. With the score 4-3 for Isaac, John surrendered and forfeited the match. Morra was eventually eliminated by John Timmermans on the b-side.
Isaac Ramos
Isaac Ramos

In the match for the “hot seat”, Mike Patrowicz secured his spot in the finals with a 9-4 win over Isaac Ramos. Ramos managed to squeak past John Timmermans in the the b-side finals with a hill-hill victory. With only two players remaining in the event, it was time for business. Mike agreed to let Isaac have the title while both players split the dough and ran outside to make angels in the snow. Congratulations all players who cashed!

1st ISAAC RAMOS 7 $920 $780
2nd MIKE PATROWICZ 9 $580 $400
3rd JOHN TIMMERMANS 9 $400 $260
4th JOHN MORRA 12 $280 $160
5-6th K.C. NGUYEN 6 $200 $80
5-6th STEFANE GODINHO 7 $200 $80
7-8th BEN HEYWOOD 6 $140 $1,760
7-8th RODEL PURUGANAN 8 $140
9-12th JYRI KARI 6 $100
9-12th BERNIE FULFORD 6 $100
9-12th BRAD GUTHRIE 7 $100
9-12th STUART MacTAGGART 5 $100

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