404 9-Ball Tour

Jeremy Bolahood Takes Home Shooters’ Open 9-Ball Tour

Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto hosted another successful 404 9-Ball Event. This event saw players SL4 to SL12 compete for a prize pool of $2,200 excluding the Calcutta pool of over $1,600. During the busy holiday season, a field of 45 players came from across Ontario with a large number of supporters to make for a great tournament once again.
After a tough opening day on Saturday, 8 players were left standing. The B-Side Quarter-finalists and A-Side Semi-Finalists were:
Marc Dumoulin vs Chad Bishop
Jeremy Bolahood vs Chris Bartha
Ronald Giron vs Jun Briones
Ryann Malinao vs Tony Hong
On the A-Side, Marc D defeated Chad B and Jeremy B defeated Chris B. Jeremy would go on to win the battle of the 9’s against Marc in the A-side finals to wait in the hot seat. Marc was denied a chance back on the A-Side by Chris B’s great shooting.
Jeremy Bolahood continued his hot streak and went undefeated in Shooters’ 404 9-Ball Event #4. Congratulations to Jeremy, and thank you to everyone who participated and came out to support and to the organizers and staff for a job well done for the duration of the two days. Shooters would like to remind everyone that there are four 404 9-Ball events remaining until the April 30/May 1 finale.

Jeremy Bolahood, Peter Chin (Room Owner) and Chris Bartha
Jeremy Bolahood, Peter Chin (Room Owner) and Chris Bartha

Shooters’ next 2 events:
Dec 26: Unique Boxing Day 15-ball Tournament, Open to All Players (1-day)
Jan 2/3: Amateur 9-Ball Tour
Please check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and www.thepoolscene.com for dates and details for all upcoming tournaments. To register, please contact Peter Chin at (416)750-7787.
Date: December 19 and 20, 2015
Prize Pool: $2,200
Calcutta: $1,640
Spots Paid: 8

1st Jeremy Bolahood $750
2nd Chris Bartha $470
3rd Marc Dumoulin $300
4th Ronald Giron $200
5th Chad Bishop $140
6th Ryann Malinao $140
7th Jun Briones $100
8th Tony Hong $100


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