404 9-Ball Tour

Highway 404 Ends in Newmarket

Mike Patrowicz

BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket hosted the 404 Tour on the weekend of April 30th. The event was the last event of the 4th season with $4,000 added to the purse. Some of the tour favourites were travelling abroad which opened the door for many of the amateur ranked players. Live streaming was provided on Saturday by Denise Belanger from The Canadian Women’s Pool Tour. Denise will also be streaming the doubles event at this same location later this month.
Jesse Piercey
The top half of the bracket would see steady play from Jesse Piercey making his way to the hot seat match with wins over Borin Chea, Ken Cannon, Anthony Dee, Chris Lee, Vince Belanger and Alan Ada. The bottom half of the winners side would see sharpshooter Jared Amyot also making his way to the hotseat match with wins over Cedric Lee, Jaypee Castillo, Peter Hetherington, Rodel Puruganan and Robin Bass to meet up with Jesse for the hotseat match. Jesse started out strong with a 5-0 lead, while Jared fought back to bring the score hill-hill. Jesse pulled it off in the last rack and earned some relaxing time while Jared went to the west side of the board to face Mike Patrowicz.
Jared made quick work of Mike with a 8-6 score. The win earned a rematch against Jesse Piercey for the title, but the result was the same. Jesse took all the CA$H back to London with a 7-6 win over second place finisher Jared Amyot.
1st- JESSE PIERCEY (7) $1,900 (+$1,900 calcutta)
2nd- JARED AMYOT (8) $1,260 (+$1,000 calcutta)
3rd – MIKE PATROWICZ (9) $800 (+$700 calcutta)
4th – ALAN ADA (6) $565 (+$500 calcutta)
5-6th – DEAN MacNAUGHTON (9) $380 (+$305 calcutta)
5-6th – ROBIN BASS (9) $380 (+$305 calcutta)
7-8th – RODEL PURUGANAN (8) $260
7-8th – WAYNE TATE (7) $260
9-12th – D.J. WARD (5) $170
9-12th – DAN DOERNER (10) $170
9-12th – DAVE LETTNER (5) $170
9-12th – VINCE BELANGER (8) $170
13-16th – ROB HENRY (7) $120
13-16th – AL SMART (8) $120
13-16th – CHRIS LEE (6) $120
13-16th – MARIO MORRA (11) $120
A special thanks to Blain Jorgensen for running each event and providing tournament results to ThePoolScene. Thanks also to Ken Botham, Rob Blair and the rest of the BigWigs staff for hosting these events. We all look forward to another successful season next year.
Jared Amyot

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