404 9-Ball Tour

Hjorleifson Takes Down Newmarket

A strong field of 60 players made the journey north to BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket for the 404 9-Ball Tour.  Event after event, this tour continues to draw large crowds with generous payouts.

Erik Hjorleifson
Erik Hjorleifson

Naomi Williams made her way to the A-side finals with wins over Doug Smyth (7-1), Jamie Walter (7-1), Hasan Shahid (7-0), and Erik Hjorleifson (7-2).  Naomi won nearly 90% of her total games played outscoring her opponents 28-4.  On the other half of the bracket Mario Morra had wins over Gord Craig (11-5), Steven Spencer (11-0), Ian Argue (11-2) and T.J. Humber (11-3).  The experienced Morra secured his spot in the finals with an 11-4 win over Naomi.
On the B-Side, Erik Hjorleifson was making waves as he eliminated Andy Aupin and Stefane Godinho (both previous winners of this event). With the momentum on his side, Erik worked his way to the winners circle getting past both Naomi and Mario.
This is how they finished:

1st ERIK HJORLEIFSON (11) $850 $900
2nd MARIO MORRA (11) $520 $460
3rd NAOMI WILLIAMS (7) $380 $280
4th STEFANE GODINHO (7) $260 $180
5-6th ANDY AUPIN (11) $180 $1,820
5-6th TJ HUMBER (6) $180
7-8th IAN ARGUE (5) $120
7-8th ISAAC RAMOS (7) $120
9-12th ROB HALL (10) $90
9-12th RANDY FAWCETT (7) $90
9-12th HASAN SHAHID (5) $90

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