404 9-Ball Tour

Chris Wood – Undefeated in Newmarket

The 6th stop of the 404 Tour was hosted by Big Wigs Billiards in Newmarket, on November 20 and 21. Despite the fact that many of the top players were out of town, the competition remained fierce. Chris Wood won the previous event here in Newmarkat and was looking to defend his title.
Chris had wins over Rob Hall (10-8), Chris Tidman (10-4), Alan Ada (10-2), Brett Lindsay (10-7) and Scott MacDonald (10-6) before reaching the A-Side Finals against Jeet Kandhai. Jeet was also sent to the B-side bracket to battle it out with Alex Radomski. Radomski would have to settle for third place as Jeet wins by a score of 7-3.
Jeet then had his chance for revenge against Chris Wood in the finals. Unfortunately, the 3 game handicap was not enough. Chris Wood won the final match 10-5 and remains undefeated in Newmarket.

Chris Wood

This is how they finished:
1st – CHRIS WOOD – $750
2nd – JEET KANDHAI – $460
3rd – ALEX RADOMSKI – $325
4th – ROB JOHNSON – $240
5-6th – BRITTANY BRYANT – $160
5-6th – SCOTT MacDONALD – $160
7-8th – McEARL BUCAIS – $100
7-8th – JEFF POLLOCK – $100
9-12th – JESSE PIERCEY – $60
9-12th – TOL KUY – $60
9-12th – IAN ARGUE – $60
9-12th – BRETT LINDSAY – $60
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